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Caution: Sun Exposure & Laser Hair Removal


Protect your skin from UV exposure whilst having laser hair removal treatments

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IPL hair removal for bodybuilding, cycling and swimming

Being completely hair free isn’t for everyone, athletes have been lasering, lathering up and blading down for years. In many sports, a hairless skin can make you faster, safer and generally more comfortable.

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Can I wear makeup after laser hair removal?


Lasers may leave your skin more sensitive than usual. If you have very sensitive skin, you may get redness or tiny bumps which will go away in a few days. The area may also feel a bit puffy and irritated, similar to mild sunburn. Take care measures for the skin after your laser hair removal.

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IPL hair removal


IPL hair removal can treat any area of the body except those very close to the eye. The most popular areas are the upper lip and face, the chest and neck, underarms and back, the bikini line and the legs.

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Underarm Laser Hair Removal Prices

laser hair removal underarms

Laser hair removal provides longer lasting results, mess and hassle free alternative to underarm hair removal. No more ingrowns, prickly hairs or rashes

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