Laser hair removal at home

If you choose a device for your home to get rid of unwanted hair, think about why you really need it. The total price of the unit it solely depends on the features in the home laser hair removal unit.

Laser hair removal home device evaluation

There are two main players in home laser hair removal market. That are Tria and the Silk’n SensEpil. Both devices have been approved by FDA for permanent hair growth reduction. Both devices work on targeting dark hair pigment and effectively destroying the hair follicle thus prohibiting new hair growth.

  • Tria Laser, manufactured by Tria Beauty, is a pulsed diode laser.  Tria recommends to have treatment sessions every two weeks for 3 months, afterwards once a month for 5 months, with visible results likely to see after the second month of treatment.

Very important to note that Tria customer service disallow use of the home laser hair removal device for facial hair, even though FDA has approved device for body and face hair removal. The reason is that Tria customer service warns the possibility of burn the face with device. The Tria laser is a cordless device. It can be recharged as much as 250 times, with claims from Tria customer service that is enough to completely treat average woman entire body.

  • Silk’n SensEpil uses removable light cartridges targeting the dark pigment in hair by heating and destroying the hair follicle. These cartridges last approximately 750 pulses. Silk claims that is enough to treat an entire body once. We however doubt that. On average 750 pulses just enough for treating full leg with bikini. With treatments recommended every two weeks for two months you will need to reorder cartridges regularly.

The other advantage of Silk’n SensEpil over Tria is that it can used for body hair removal and also facial hair and also the treatment area of the Silk’n SensEpil hand piece is six times larger than the Tria, reducing the time needed for each treatment.

Home vs in clinic laser hair removal

The Tria laser and Silk’n are less powerful than the lasers found in salons and skin clinic, so more hair removal treatments may be necessary. Also the lower output means that this devices often simply burn the hair (and sometimes a small patch of skin), without touching the follicle. The hair simply grows back after a couple of days.

The other advantage of in clinic laser hair removal is that majority of laser operators have experience and expertise to use laser hair removal devices.

The only benefit of home laser hair removal i see in if you actually dread the frequent visits to the salon, or you have to shave on a daily basis or you unable to get in the clinic, then invest in a home laser removal machine. Home laser hair removal systems can offer in those cases cost effective and private treatment option for people who unable experience the benefits of permanent laser hair removal.

If the price is the issue to undergo professional laser hair removal treatment at a clinic then check out the regular specials that all laser clinics publish, or pre-pay your treatments to make your laser hair removal much more affordable.
Laser hair removal is not an overnight solution to unwanted hair. Laser hair removal treatments require a commitment of time and money to complete.