Laser Hair Removal Devices

The fact: laser hair removal is a fast and painless way to remove unwanted hair for both men and women in Melbourne. Unlike other methods of hair removal laser hair removal is considered to be a permanent solution to unwanted hair.

There are several different types of laser hair removal devices available today.

What all devices have in common? Laser hair removal device administers radiation to the area with a beam of heated light. This results in the hair follicles being damaged to the point where they can no longer allow new hair to grow. Sometimes few hairs do come back but they are after very few, thin, and very light so they won’t be as obvious as they were prior to the laser hair removal.

Because human hair grows in cycles, permanent hair removal Melbourne by laser is effective only in treating the actively growing hair. This is about 15 to 20% of our hair at any one time. This means that there are several sessions needed spaced several months apart for best results.

What are the differences between laser and light devices?

  • Ruby Laser is a red-colored beam. It’s the best option for individuals with very light skin. It can also be use at low levels for those with darker skin with out causing damage to the pigment. It is also commonly used to remove small amounts of hair.
  • Alexandrite Laser is used for larger patches of hair and very coarse hair. This is the most common type of laser treatment used on men. Alexandrite laser is the long-pulse device, It has capability for deep access into that layer of the skin where the hair follicles are located. The continual heat that builds up in the hair shaft immobilises the strong hair follicles that are in the active growth phase.
  • Diode Laser is can be used on various types of skin. The other advantage of the diode laser is relatively longer wavelength than other devices used for laser hair removal. That is beneficial for darker skins.
  • Cool Glide is the newest type of laser hair removal equipment. This is a very expensive piece of equipment as well. It has been known to effectively treat even dark skin without any time of damage. The tip of it is refrigerated so that it offers a cool touch as the work is being done.
  • Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser produces two varying wave lengths of light. The one wavelength used for deep penetration. It is the invisible infrared light, which has capacity to reach hair follicles deep in the skin. The other wavelenght is a green light. It used for treating hair follicle closer to the skin surface. During the treatment with Q-Switched Nd: YAG device, infrared light and green light genarate rapid bursts of light to the treated area.
  • There are also light-based sources. Intense pulsed light devices function much like lasers. They use the “photoepilation process offering a wide range of light allowing the process to effectively work on a range of skin and hair colors and hair depth. The color of light used is very important because follicle color is different for different colors of hair.

Whatever method you may decide to choose in order to achieve permanent hair removal Melbourne, make sure you consult experienced professional before getting any treatment.