Laser Hair Removal over Moles

One of the common questions asked about laser hair removal safe operation is around laser hair removal over moles and skin tags.

Good laser hair removal specialist should cover this topic with you on your first consultation before you sign up for the hair removal treatment plan.

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photo thermolysis where the a specific component of skin/hair is targeted and the rest of the tissue is left alone. In hair remnoval intense light from the laser beam is absorbed by the dark pigment (melanin) in the root of the hair within the hair follicle. The light energy is turned into heat. The heat destroys the hair follicle.

For the IPL hair removal Melbourne session to be most effective, skin needs to be paler and the hair darker. The more the contrast between the skin and hair the better the outcome of treatment will be. Light skin/dark har combination is the safest one for IPL or laser hair removal treatments. Any other combination can slow down the progress and at times complicate treatments and cause some side effects.

So, we established that laser hair removal could be dangerous for darker skin where lots of pigment is present in the skin. Moles, warts and beauty spots are typical pigmented skin areas. This means they will absorb a lot of the light energy potentially causing burns or discoloration.

How to get rid of hair if you have moles?

The melanin is in charge of the body’s colors (eye color, skin and hair color). The laser light when it is pulsed over dark skin can interfere with the normal melanin production. This can cause one of two possible side effects of laser skin discoloration. Hyper-Pigmentation when moles will get darker, and Hypo-Pigemtation making moles color to fade. In both cases it means the laser has disrupted the normal melanin production.

So if a mole has a hair growing from it or your skin is covered with lots moles and skin tags, what can be done? The thicker and darker the mole, the more risky it is to have laser treatment performed on it.

  1. The simplest solution is to place a white plaster over the moles to protect it from the laser light. First you must trim or shave any hair you wish to remove, then cover the skin with the special conducting gel and put white plaster or white label sticker over the mole. White color reflects the light and will protrect the mole, your skin will be safe.
  2. Another option would be to remove the mole or skin tag. Most people think moles are not pretty or cute and want them gone anyway. When moles and skin tags appearing on backs, chests and arms it usually causes less issues that moles on open areas such as face and neck. If you decide to opt in for mole removal Melbourne on neck, face, chin or sides of your face you need to be very careful not to expose the areas to sun for at least 6 weeks, particularly if you would like to proceed to laser hair removal

Note that red moles are actually no different from other kinds of moles, the ones that are brown or even black colored. Red mole color is the result of the skin capillaries that are around it. So you need to treat them as all other moles on your body. The only difference is that red moles can be also removed by IPL vascular rejuvenation procedure.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks, this is some of the only helpful content I have found on the internet. Yesterday I had my first session of hair removal treatment using the Leda Laser. I has made a couple of my smaller moles (1mm-1.5mm diameter) turn from brown to a dark brown/black colour and they are slightly raised – Just in a matter of minutes this happened. Should I wait for this to die down? or go see a dermatologist? Because it is only happening to some of the darker moles, I am a little worried it has triggered a dangerous reaction. Thanks

  2. admin says:

    Dear Amy,

    Thank you for your kind words. If you are worried or the lesions do not look as they supposed to look (refer to service provider’s instructions) I would give a call to the clinician who treated you.

    As a rule, at our clinic, you would get a full length professional consultation prior to treatment which would explain the procedure and how it effects moles as well as what should be expected in the days after treatment along with how to look after treated lesions.

    Additionally, we provide detailed after care instructions in writing and an option to call 24hrs in case you are worried.

    Give a call to your clinic and ask to come in for a review to ensure your skin is healing as expected.