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Laser Hair Removal Devices

The main benefit of laser hair removal treatments is that one can effectively achieve up to 90% hair reduction after five sessions with the laser or IPL.

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Skin Rejuvenation with IPL

skin rejuvenation

IPL’s selective photothermolysis is best options to treat abnormal vessels. Telangiectasias on cheeks are usually easy to treat. Telangiectasias of nasal alae are more complicated for treatment and required particular caution.

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IPL Machines Treatments

IPL devices uses broad-spectrum light that filters out unwanted wavelengths to treat various skin conditions and abnormalities. IPL is popular, non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery and electrolysis.

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Laser vs IPL

Laser vs IPL, there is no big advantage of one over the other. Effective and safe hair removal treatments should be priority for any skin clinic

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Machines for laser hair removal

Different technologies used for laser hair removal is the basis for the different devices. Diode laser, Alexandrite, Ruby laser, Yag, IPL. All these types of laser hair removal machines are effective, some more than others for your skin and hair combination.

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